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Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropo...
Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropolitan areas of the United States. Mortality is correlated with both income and inequality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Democracy at Work Institute expands the promise of cooperative business ownership to reach those communities most directly affected by social and economic inequality. It ensures that further growth in the worker cooperative movement is both rooted in worker cooperatives themselves and reaches out to new communities of worker-owners. Learn more…

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Twin Pines, the international symbol for cooperatives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New Hampshire | Veteran Owned Business Directory | Military Veteran Businesses Owners | SDVOSB | VOB | VOSB | DVBE

copied Sunday March 23rd, 2014.

New Hampshire House of Representatives
New Hampshire House of Representatives (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)

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New Hampshire

New Hampshire Veteran Owned Businesses (VOB), Active Duty Military, Reservists, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Companies (SDVOSB) and Military Spouse Owned Businesses of the United States Army (USARMY), Air Force (USAF), Marines (USMC), Navy (USN), Coast Guard (USCG) and National Guard located in New Hampshire

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Economic prospects for veterans looking up | WRVO Public Media

Copied from WRVO NPR station Sunday March 23rd 1014

Economic prospects for veterans looking up


By Ryan Delaney

Credit Ryan Delaney / WRVO




English: New York Attorney General Andrew Cuom...
English: New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Congressman Gary Ackerman hold a press conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Military veterans bring a unique skill set when starting their own businesses, but they also face many of the same challenges as non-veteran entrepreneurs.


There are more than 900,000 vets in New York state and the unemployment rate among those who served in the last decade is consistently higher than state and national levels.


That rate did edge down last year, to 9.0 percent, according to the Labor Department, from 9.9 percent the year before. It’s still higher than the national average of 6.7.


Job training programs and Work Opportunity Tax Credits are being used to get more veterans employed. But there are also efforts to help them start their own businesses.


Lee Buttolph is a Marine veteran who took over his father’s lumber business based in Phoenix. N.Y.


He says it takes a lot to run a business.


“Just being in the military is not enough to do it; it takes a lot of work. But what the military really prepares you for is the long, hard hours; the leadership that it takes,” he said before being the keynote speaker at a Small Business Administration sponsored forum at Onondaga Community College on Thursday.


“It wasn’t in my long range goals,” said Kirk Badore, an Air Force veteran who owns a civil engineering firm near Albany, but “certainly military service has support it along the way and helped me along.”


He said training and business mentorship programs were helpful in starting his own business.


The SBA says veterans often have a high success rate than other entrepreneurs. That has a lot to do with their discipline and drive. The SBA says the amount of money out there to help vets start a business has doubled in the last five years.


“It’s just really another skill set for them to say, hey I do have this trade, I do have this passion, I’m trained to do this type of skill. Why not apply it to my own business and work for myself. So it really gives them the opportunity to apply their skills and work when they need to or have to,” said Amy Amoroso, a veterans’ business advisor.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo has promoted legislation to help disabled veterans during what was billed a “Veteran and Military Family Summit” also on Thursday.


The proposed legislation would set aside 6 percent of state contracts for small businesses owned by veterans disabled during their service. The federal government’s goal for awarding contracts to veteran-owned businesses is 3 percent.


The legislation would also create a new office to promote the program.


New York is home to three major active duty military installations at Fort Drum, Fort Hamilton and West Point.








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Veteran Owned Business Directory

Veteran Owned Business Directory



Veteran Owned Business is the official FREE member directory of nearly 20,000 businesses owned by veterans! Join VOB:

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Veteran Owned Business Directory | Veterans Businesses | Free Listings | Owned By United States Military Veterans | Veteran-Owned Member Company | SDVOSB | VOB | DVBE | Service Connected Disabled

Image representing as...
Image via CrunchBase

Click on the picture.  Copied from their web page Sunday March 23rd, 2014

Welcome To The Veteran Owned Business Directory is a comprehensive, user friendly directory of small, medium and large businesses owned by veterans, active duty military, reservists and service disabled veterans released on Veteran’s Day 2008. Now Americans in the United States and abroad have an easy way to proudly search for products and services that are unique in the fact that they are all made by, sold by or serviced by United States military veterans!

Is your company owned by a veteran (VOB), active duty military, reservist or service disabled veteran (SDVOSB / DVBE) of the United States Army (USARMY), Air Force (USAF), Marines (USMC), Navy (USN), Coast Guard (USCG) or National Guard? If it is, be sure to get your company’s free listing on our veteran owned business directory. There is no charge to search for service disabled veteran-owned businesses (SDVOSB) and veteran-owned businesses (VOB) and there is no cost to list your business if it is owned by a past or present member of the United States Armed Forces!

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(37) Veteran Owned Business Directory

Former crew members of USS Missouri pose for p...
Former crew members of USS Missouri pose for photos after the Anniversary of the End of World War II ceremony. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Veteran Owned Business Directory shared a link.Copied from their Facebook pageSunday March 23r, 2014

March 20

Veteran Owned Business Directory (nationwide): we are reposting once again because we’ve received several dozen requests from people looking for a list of veteran owned businesses in their state/county/city/zip code (or in a certain industry). We also continue to get numerous contacts about how to add a business. will take you to our Veteran Owned Business Directory by state (nearly 20,000). Click on each state (then county, city) to view VOBs/SDVOSBs in a specific geographic location. Know of a business not listed? Look for the red “sign up” button on the right side of just about every page! With over 2,000 categories, we’ve yet to have a new member add their company’s profile that didn’t fit at least one category. Please be sure to share with those who want to show support for our veterans… and also any business you know owned by a veteran, active duty military member, service disabled veteran, reservist and military spouse. Thank you for your support!

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Are You On Fire… Or Just Burned Out? – Project Eve

Copied March 20th, 2014

Are You On Fire… Or Just Burned Out? Feb 27th, 2014 JoMiller 0 Comments inShare4 1 Share on Tumblr EmailWhat Top Leaders Do to Stay Motivated and Engaged at WorkIt happens to all of us at some point: a slight dip in our motivation, a troubling ripple that makes us question how eager we are to do our jobs, let alone excel in them. And yet, when we look around, there is always someone on fire for their job. Someone who never seems to question, or doubt, either their performance – or their dedication.So how do they do it? How do some leaders stay motivated and engaged at work while others fizzle and burnout before ever reaching their full potential? To find out, I surveyed ten female leaders from the Consumer Packaged Goods CPG industry, asking them both “what motivates you at work” and “what demotivates you”.While I had expected to hear some varying answers, I was truly stunned by the response.Motivating People With… Other PeopleIn answer to “What motivates you?”… • 9 out of the 10 mentioned a particularly common theme, all of which had something to do with those they work with. The answers I got included “moving forward as a team”, “achieving as a team”, “helping my team”, “watching my team achieve success”, and “helping people achieve their best.”This was big news. Before asking this question, I had assumed that the traditional motivators of promotion, increased responsibility, expanding skill sets, professional challenges and even monetary gain might have some weight. But the overwhelming responses indicated that people were the real motivating factor for nine out of ten leaders polled.Now, let’s examine how those same leaders could occasionally feel less than motivated… and why:Demotivating People With… Other PeopleIn answer to “What demotivates you?” … not a single person mentioned being demotivated by the demands of their job, tasks, to-do lists or business conditions. Mirroring what motivated them, for this particular group of executives, it was ALL to do with people:• Poor communication;• Micro-managing;• Naysayers;• Office politics;• Nit picking;• Complaining;• Negativity;• Lack of understanding and appreciation;• Lack of consideration for other team members;• Making demands without taking time to listen…Again, this trend was a revelation, and one that led me to a greater understanding of the role we play, as individuals, both as team members and team leaders.Parting WordsHere’s what I learned from this simple survey:If you’re looking for ways to stay motivated and engaged when you come to work every day, look no further than to those around you, and know that your actions have a direct impact on the motivation of those you work with.CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc., Jo Miller is creator of the Women’s Leadership Coaching® system, a roadmap for women who want to break into leadership positions in businessOffice politics.Share small business news, blogs and social media tips with Project Eve’s community of small business owners and entrepreneurs today. Our contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds; so whether you are a small business owner, social media strategist, financial adviser, serial entrepreneur, or write an amateur blog we urge you to contribute a blog to our 500,000+ community today. For more information, please refer to our Content Submissions Guidelines.

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