Coops are an old idea with well established principles that let every worker grow to his maximum capability, own the profits of his company and have a solid voice in all aspects of his company.  And finally creating good education for his children and finally a good retirement for himself.

A clear introduction video to Worker owned Coops comes from the 900+ American electric power coops.

Coops have their largest success in the Mondragon Coop headquartered in Spain with 80,000 plus owner workers today with their own bank,insurance company, university, and real estate and new business research and development divisions.  

Principles which allow Coops to flourish:

1  Open Membership.
2  Democratic Control (One Man, One Vote).
3.  Distribution of surplus in proportion to trade.
4.  Payment of Limited Interest on Capitall.
5.  Political and Religious Neutrality.
6  Cash Trading.
7.  The Promotion of Education.


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