****The “American Worker Cooperative” is a site combining info from most  coop efforts in America.****

American Worker Cooperative

Worker Cooperative Startup Guides

Submitted by Joe on Tue, 08/23/2011 – 20:42

There are several written guides for starting worker cooperatives, and many more for starting cooperatives in general that include sections on worker cooperatives.  Having a good organizer or consultant, or mentor, surely makes any of the guides more useful.  A few examples are:


Currently in production,

Submitted by This Way Out (not verified) on Fri, 11/12/2010 – 12:36

Currently in production, educational DVD: “This Way Out: Step-by-Step Guide To Starting A Workers Cooperative (Explained By Those Who Have Done It” Covering terminology (financing, legal), business and legal models, by-laws, business plans, preparing to talk to lenders, preparing conflict resolutions models, profiles of diverse cooperatives. Funding site: http://igg.me/p/12438?i=shlk Looking forward to the PBS broadcast! Workers cooperatives work!


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