(37) Veteran Owned Business Directory

Former crew members of USS Missouri pose for p...
Former crew members of USS Missouri pose for photos after the Anniversary of the End of World War II ceremony. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Veteran Owned Business Directory shared a link.Copied from their Facebook pageSunday March 23r, 2014

March 20

Veteran Owned Business Directory (nationwide): we are reposting once again because we’ve received several dozen requests from people looking for a list of veteran owned businesses in their state/county/city/zip code (or in a certain industry). We also continue to get numerous contacts about how to add a business. http://www.veteranownedbusiness.com/?mode=geo will take you to our Veteran Owned Business Directory by state (nearly 20,000). Click on each state (then county, city) to view VOBs/SDVOSBs in a specific geographic location. Know of a business not listed? Look for the red “sign up” button on the right side of just about every page! With over 2,000 categories, we’ve yet to have a new member add their company’s profile that didn’t fit at least one category. Please be sure to share with those who want to show support for our veterans… and also any business you know owned by a veteran, active duty military member, service disabled veteran, reservist and military spouse. Thank you for your support!

via (37) Veteran Owned Business Directory.

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