Big Think Edge

Employees today demand ongoing development as part of the employment contract. Face-to-face training is too costly and logistically impossible to implement in large, geographically-dispersed organizations. Online training needs to be high in production value, sourced from recognized leaders, authentic, relevant and actionable.FeaturesEdge features a powerful, carefully curated selection from among thousands of interviews with the world’s top experts — from industry leaders to prominent scholars to cutting-edge researchers. It engages them as teachers and living case studies, to deliver knowledge and skills that will transform your employees’ personal and professional lives.Edge also features an ongoing collection of expert curated learning tracks developed by top thought leaders in innovation, leadership, business education, and more.A small sampling of the experts included in EdgeEdgegrey_0015_larry_summers Edgegrey_0014_robert_kaplen Edgegrey_0013_michio_k Edgegrey_0012_ann_fudge Edgegrey_0011_richard_branson Edgegrey_0010_steven_pinker Edgegrey_0009_ruth_porat Edgegrey_0008_peter_thiel Edgegrey_0007_t_boon_pickens Edgegrey_0006_ed_norton Edgegrey_0005_reid_hoffman Edgegrey_0004_neil_degrass_tyson Edgegrey_0003_john_seely_brown Edgegrey_0002_john_mackey

via Big Think Edge.


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