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Because of the great interest in cooperatives at last weekend\’s Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference,… http://t.co/aMgKfbJYXW


about 16 hours ago

Thank you to all the GWC Volunteers, we really appreciate and need you!!!! If you would like to find out more… http://t.co/Tv2mq6x91o


about 21 hours ago

Our very own B.Blossom catering cooperative serving up delicacies today at the Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners… http://t.co/o0PeYoSGtT


about 3 days ago


Want To Start a Worker Cooperative in the Bronx?

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What is the Coop Academy?

The Coop Academy is how we build a strong local economy rooted in democracy and environmental justice … one cooperative at a time.

It is an intensive 16-week training and support program that helps teams of aspiring entrepreneurs develop worker-owned green businesses. It is unique in its focus on businesses that are both green and worker-owned. And utilizes an aggressive combination of training, coaching, and technical services. Think of it as a business boot camp for cooperative start-ups The program includes classroom trainings; business coaches; and business support services such as legal incorporation, graphic design, and website development. The course is specifically designed so that each team is able to get their business up and running by the completion of the course.

The Coop Academy is designed for teams working together on a single business concept . It is recommended that each team consist of at least three people. While the Coop Academy is open to anyone, applications from teams with a majority of residents from the Bronx, especially the South Bronx, receive higher priority in the application process.

Through a partnership with the Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO), a portion of the Coop Academy classroom trainings are delivered through WIBO’s course “How to Grow a Profitable Business”. This partnership allows us to provide you with high quality trainings in the traditional core business fundamentals of sales, marketing, and finance combined with a deep appreciation for environmental sustainability and the skills of communication, and democratic management and decision-making that distinguish a cooperative from other kinds of businesses.

If you want to build a model green business that you and your community will be proud of, the Coop Academy can help you do it.

What You Get In the Coop Academy:

Over 100 hours of training by skilled experts

One-on-One mentoring with a successful entrepreneur

Legal assistance with business incorporation and structuring

Web site development

Logo design

Training and support in fundraising

Access to a peer-support network beyond the length of the course

Greater visibility and name recognition for your cooperative

What Is the Coop Academy?

Coop Academy FAQs

Trainers, Mentors & Service Providers

Our Graduates


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