35 Companies Paid Congress To Prevent GMO Food Labels

HERE are 35 companies that contribute money to defeat a labeling law in COngress that would make food manufacturer’s pur GMO on teh label if they use it in teh product….you may not want to support these companies as they might be using GMO’s in their products…..just sayin’…
Abbott Laboratories 127,459
Bimbo Bakeries USA 94,693Campbell Soup Co. 265,140Bruce Foods Corp. 3,006Cargill Inc. 98,601

Bumble Bee Foods 36,073

Coca-Cola 1,047,332

Bunge North America 94,993

ConAgra Foods 285,281

Clement Pappas & Co. Inc 21,043

Dean Foods 120,245

Clorox Company 12,024

Bush Brothers & Co. 16,233

Flowers Foods 141,288

Del Monte Foods 86,576

Hormel Foods 52,908

General Mills 598,819

J.M. Smucker Co 241,091

Hershey 248,305

Knouse Foods 14,429

Hillshire Brands 97,398

Welch Foods 28,859

Kellogg 221,852

Land O’Lakes 99,803

Moody Dunbar 1,804

McCormick & Co 102,208

Nestle USA 1,052,743

Mondelez Global 144,895

Ocean Spray, Cranberries, Inc. 55,313

Pinnacle Foods Group 120,846

PepsiCo 1,620,899

Rich Products Corp 24,049

Sunny Delight Beverages Co. 21,043

Shearer’s Foods, Inc. 25,251


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